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65 75Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese

Ferromanganese: an iron alloy of manganese and iron. Main categories: high carbon ferromanganese (carbon content of 7%), medium carbon ferromanganese (carbon content of 1.0~1.5%), low carbon ferromanganese (carbon content of 0.5%), metal manganese, mirror iron, silicon manganese alloy.
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Product Parameters

Model NumberProportion of Ingredients
Medium Carbon Ferromangnese 7575%min2.0%max

Medium Carbon Ferromangnese 7878%min1.5%max

Product Description

Medium carbon ferromanganese is an iron alloy composed of manganese and iron, and the carbon content is about 1.0-1.5%. It is one of the categories of ferromanganese. It is often used as a deoxidizer and alloy additive in the field of metallurgy and casting, and is an important metallurgical raw material.

75 Medium carbon ferromanganese: In steelmaking, ferromanganese is used as a deoxidizer and alloy additive, and is the most used ferroalloy. The manganese ore used for smelting 75 medium carbon ferromanganese generally requires 40 to 50% manganese, the ratio of manganese to ferromanganese is greater than 7, and the ratio of phosphorus to manganese is less than 0.003. Before smelting, manganese carbonate ore needs to be roasted, and powder ore needs to be sintered and agglomerated. Generally, ore with high iron and phosphorus content can only be used in combination, or through selective reduction to obtain manganese-rich slag with low iron and low phosphorus. Coke is used as a reducing agent during smelting, and some factories also use lean coal or anthracite. The auxiliary raw material is mainly lime, and silica is generally added when smelting manganese-silicon alloys.

There are two kinds of reduction smelting of 75 medium carbon ferromanganese: flux method (also known as low manganese slag method) and flux-free method (high manganese slag method). The principle of the flux method is the same as that of blast furnace smelting, except that electric energy is used instead of coke for heating. By adding lime to form high basicity slag (CaO/SiO2 is 1.3-1.6) to reduce the loss of manganese. The flux-free smelting method does not add lime, resulting in a low-iron, low-phosphorus, and manganese-rich slag with low alkalinity (CaO/SiO2 less than 1.0) and high manganese content. The amount of slag in this method is small, which can reduce power consumption, and the evaporation loss of manganese can be reduced due to the lower slag temperature. At the same time, the by-product manganese-rich slag (containing 25-40% manganese) can be used as the raw material for smelting manganese-silicon alloy, which can achieve higher Comprehensive recovery of manganese (above 90%). Most modern industrial production uses flux-free smelting of carbon ferromanganese, which is combined with the smelting of manganese-silicon alloys and medium and low carbon ferromanganese. The medium carbon ferromanganese tailings of blast furnace 75 are generally selected to be returned to the furnace and re-smelted into qualified blocks.

Granularity and packaging:

Commonly used particle size is 20-150mm natural block, or customized according to customer needs, using ton bag packaging.

Product Usage:

1. Medium carbon ferromanganese is used as deoxidizer and alloy additive in steelmaking. The manganese ore used for smelting ferromanganese generally needs 30~40% manganese, the ratio of manganese to ferromanganese is greater than 7, and the ratio of phosphorus to manganese is less than 0.003.

2. The addition of ferromanganese in the foundry industry can be used as an inoculant and a spheroidizing agent, which can effectively prevent the formation of carbides, promote the precipitation of graphite, and greatly shorten the spheroidization time.

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